Where I've Been and Where I'm Going


My lust for travel began before I can remember. I have been told stories of my family living in London, England for over six months when I was only about a year old. All I have are the pictures to remember it by, but ever since then I have had an intense curiosity to explore the rest of the world. In elementary school my family took me to Paris, France. In middle school I explored Alaska, Mexico, Italy and Switzerland. High School brought Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Holland and Germany.

My fondest memories are from the two-week period I spent in Germany with my best friend, my parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and other soon-to-be friends. It was the most insane place on earth at the time because the World Cup was going on in several cities across the country. I held two tickets in my name and watched the US tie to the eventual winner, Italy. I was also there when they fell to the Czech Republic. In between matches I traveled to cities such as Berlin, Heidelberg and Frankfurt.

I plan on studying abroad in the future. Hopefully I will find a semester or a summer where I can throw myself into another foreign culture for a few weeks. I'm looking into Ireland or Australia.