About Me

Rowing in Central Park

Since the moment I was old enough to put a sentence together I have had a passion for language. My weekly subscription to the children's publication, Highlights, soon flourished into a passion for the unique approach that the magazine world took on language. Before long I was a magazine addict, with editions of everything from National Geographic to Seventeen littering my bedroom floor. The combination of design, photography and writing was what made me aspire to be a part of this world. Even now, I will not throw away a new magazine.

Throughout my high school career, I was determined to engage myself in as many English and art classes as possible. I enrolled in advanced placement language, literature and studio art. Soon, I was nominated vice president of the National Art Honor Society and began working outside of the classroom as an assistant to my teacher in her studio. I gained valuable knowledge in the art community by hand-dying silk and arranging pieces for presentation. Art and fashion became paramount as I transitioned from high school to college.

Currently, I am enrolled at the University of Florida as a journalism major. I have also recently added a minor in fine arts focusing on set design to give me a more broad understanding of what is most aesthetically pleasing, whether it be a double page spread in a mock magazine or a backdrop for a school play.

Last summer I lived and worked in New York City. I received an internship with The Style Room, a showroom in the Garment District. I worked with fashion designers, buyers and magazine editors, giving me enormous insight into the world of fashion. I was lucky enough to be an exhibitor at the Intermezzo trade show, and shortly after attend the Caravan Fashion Show during Fashion Week.

Currently, I am living in a house off campus, taking classes and trying to get the most out of Gainesville and UF as possible.