Sitting Halfway Down, With James Wilkey James Wilkey

Hello There

Welcome. As you've no doubt noticed, this page is about James Wilkey, the fellow in that picture over there.

Take a look around, you can get a small history lesson about me, learn about my hobbies and interests, check out a short yarn about my trip to Italy, or get a couple of tips about what to do should you decide to go to Italy.

About Me

So you want to know more about me, huh? Fair enough. I'm a third-year journalism major at the University of Florida. I was born on January 21st, 1988, in Manhattan, New York. My parents are Jim and Yanza Wilkey, and were supposedly thrilled to have me. I question this only because my father pleaded with my mother to postpone my birth long enough for him to finish watching a documentary on some form of aircraft. Priorities are important in my family.

I'd love to tell you how wonderful things are in New York. In fact, I'd settle for telling you how awful things are in New York. However, I toddled away from the Ol' Apple when I was, well, a toddler. I suppose we drove actually, so I assume that I actually slept my way there. The move took my family and I to Greenwich, Connecticut, where we lived for two or three years before moving to California.

Me, shot in the head.

Now, Newport Beach, California is the first place that I remember as a "home." But, to be perfectly honest, with the exception of a couple of mental images and clips of thought scattered about my brain, California is the firstplace I remember period. I have fond memories of Newport Beach. It's where I started pre-school, learned to ride a bike, had my first crush and skipped school to go to Disney Land a lot. That said, if you asked me where I'm from, I probably wouldn't say California, Connecticut or New York. I probably wouldn't even say that I was from Miami, despite the fact that I live there now.

No, I'd most likely say that I'm from Boston, Massachusetts, because that's where I decided to leave my heart. We moved there when I was just starting the first grade and I loved every single one of my five years there before my family and I moved to Columbus, Ohio. I was heartbroken when we left Boston, but I eventually learned to love Ohio almost as much. Finally, we moved to my current home of Miami.

That's enough personal history I think. What's that? You wan't more? Well I'll tell you what, I'll give you some fun little facts about me instead:

A picture of me bald.

That's pretty much as "about me" as you can get.