Max Wihnyk

What to know for your trip to Paris:

Getting there: With airfare sky-rocketing it can be pretty expensive to fly anywhere, especially across the Atlantic. I would recommend searching the Web sites of all the airlines and search for the cheapest ticket as far enough in advance of your departure date as possible. I would recommend choosing a flight with around two connections, as this will drastically reduce the ticket rate. Here are the sites for the major airlines: Continental, American Airlines, Air France and British Airways. Pompidou

After your arrival: Prior to your arrival I would recommend you set up a cab or shuttle from the airport to your hotel. After you unpack I suggest getting out and enjoying all that Paris has to offer. With all that there is to see it might make things simpler to have a plan in place of what you want to see most of all making yourself a plan of action. Once you have your plan down it is smart to purchase Metro passes, either individual or week passes, as you can get anywhere in Paris via the vast network of the Metro. I would avoid cabs as it is an unneccesary expense and by travelling on the Metro you can criss-cross the city with ease.

While Paris is a beautiful and historic city, there are risks. I would strongly recommend that while travelling around the city you carry as little with you as possible, be descreet as to your being a tourist, keep all your personal belongings such as wallet and purse very close and just keep an eye out as to your surroundings. While on the Metro I strongly suggest you keep an eye on everyone around you and never approach the homeless, there are many and most of the time they are not in a great mood. Remember, where there is beauty there is risk.

I would strongly recommend visiting,it is a great resource for all the museums, monuments as well the more off-beat places.