Max Wihnyk

Paris, France

Paris, France, the city of lights a city over 1,000 years old truly lives up to its name. If you were to go anywhere in the world I would recommend Paris. Paris is a city of cultures, a city that never stops moving, a city that has something amazingly beautiful and historic at every turn a at Notre Dame

I recently visited Paris on spring break in 2008. Two of my closest friends, John and Emily, were spending a semester studying abroad and had invited me to stay with them for a week. Upon arriving in the early afternoon at Gare du Nord, train station, having just arrived on the Eurostar, I was greeted by my good friends and was immediately immersed in the Parisian culture. I was invited to join their last class before they too began spring break, it was a walking tour. After dropping off my things we hopped on the metro, subway, and got off at a street I could never remember and when all the other students had arrived the professor began. The professor took us on about a three-hour walking tour of an area of about six or seven blocks learning everything about anything that had ever happened there, that was my introduction to Paris.

I spent five days in the city of lights and it only took two hours for me to fall in love with it. Within those five short days I was wisked around Paris by my friends, I was taken to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre and even a trip out to the Palace of Versailles. Louvre

Paris is a city made up of people from all over the world, which is reflected in the hundreds of shops, resturants and beautiful museums that sprawl across the streets of Paris. Paris is a city that suites all, from the historical to the modern. Paris has not been left in the past, the Centre Pompidou. The Centre Pompidou was built by President Georges Pompidou to be a center of modern and comtemporary creation. The Pompidou is an great example of how Paris remains an artistic muse in and of itself.

I would recommend that when you make your trip to Paris you go beyond the typical, yet magical, tourist spots and walk the different areas of the city. The only way to see Paris is to experience Paris.