Max Wihnyk

My Hobby: Road-Tripping

I have many hobbies like watching television, working out, volunteering at the local community theater, yet I have only a few passions. Travel, specifically road trips are what I love. Ever since I was young, a newborn, my family would take one or two day road trips on the weekends mostly to South Florida where my mother's family lives. As I got older the road trips got longer and more interesting.

Road trips have become a hobby for me because as the years have passed and the odometers have clicked over 100,000 miles, I have learned that it takes skill and dedication to properly enjoy a road trip, no matter the length.

Over the past seven years me and my family have travelled nearly 400,000 miles in just our vehicles alone. Road -tripping as I call it has always been my passion, I can't stand staying in a single place for too long without the highway calling to me. Highway

When "Road-Tripping" you have take into mind a key tip.

The first and most important tip is flexibility. You have to be flexible when road-trippin' as you will find out the best part of a road trip can come about when you get off at the wrong exit and discover a little town with great resturants and awesome shops. With each road trip my family usually bonds and becomes a little closer. The best part of each trip is always the drive itself, I'm a driving fanatic. Driving is my other passion. My mother and I are usually the ones who do most of the driving and the rest of the family just sleeps in the back, mostly due to the fact that the idea for the road trip either came from my mother or I. I consider road trips to be my main hobby because a hobby is an activity that brings one happiness and joy. Road trips bring me happiness, joy, comfort and adventure. When I'm on the road with my family going to no where in particular its always fun and exciting, I feel like im experiencing life in its purest form.

There are only two resources that you will need to help guide you on your road tip: a map and a vehicle.

These are the members of the Wihnyk Family Fleet:

AccordAstro VanElement

Most Memorable Road Trip:

My family and I have been on countless road tips over the years each one as memorable as the next.

My favorite road trip happened between Christmas and New Years in 2003. My mother called me in to her room and simply said, "wanna go for a drive around Lake Michigan?" and that is all I needed. My mother and I got out the map and made preliminary plans while my sisters packed up the van. Within a few hours we were off. We drove up and around Lake Michigan and back to Gainesville in about six days covering around 4,000 miles. It was what we got out of the trip that really made it special. My mother had wanted to drive that specific route becuase she had grown up in Chicago, our most ppoular road trip destination, and frequently vacationed on the lake with her family, she was in search of the old cabins they used to stay at. Long story shot, we not only found the cabins but we found apart of the United States we had never seen.