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I have had four jobs so far. I currently work at SNAP at the University of Florida Police Department as a dispatcher and driver. It's a nighttime escort service that provides transportation for students concerned for their safety. Despite what our passengers think, it's not the easiest job and can actually get extremely stressful each night. It has taught me a lot of patience in person and over the phone in dealing with students (considered "customers" in the sense of my job) who are new, confused or intoxicated. I've become a much faster typer when taking calls and also have improved my "customer service" skills. My mind is constantly sharpened as I have to figure out the quickest and most efficient routes to send the three vans on.

I also worked at the Independent Florida Alligator as a copy editor. I had a few articles published before I started working there:

I also had an article published in the Gainesville Sun Campus Edition.