Lindsay Weaver's Hobbies

Ready to find out a little more about me?

Besides keeping up with classes and working for SNAP at the University Police Department, I spend my time hanging out with friends, attending Campus Crusade for Christ and leading a Bible study.

On a different note, it's a good thing my major is journalism! I also have a passion for writing and editing. So to cater to those interests, I try to journal every day and to practice editing different pieces. I worked at the Independent Florida Alligator as a copy editor for the spring semester of 2008. I also offer to edit papers for my friends who need someone to look over what they've written for their various majors. I've learned a lot through reading research papers and essays on such a wide array of subjects!

My cat, Zoey

Also, I absolutely love cats, so when I'm stressed I visit the Alachua County Humane Society and sit in the cat room for hours. I finally just got a 1-year-old cat of my own in the last month. Her name is Zoey, and I love spending time with her! Some people don't think cats have personalities, but I disagree. Of the nine cats my family has owned, Zoey (who is owned by just me, in Gainesville) is the sweetest cat I've ever known. She is the most loving and friendly cat, and even my anti-cat friends can't resist her. I try to spend as much time as possible with her since she was previously at a home where she faced death daily. The other cat that lived there attacked her every day.

Moving on, my favorite TV show is Reba, which I make a hobby of watching.

I also enjoy reading Christian literature, the Bible and commentaries. I enjoy playing the piano when I'm at home in Oviedo, and I hope to have a piano in my house one day when I'm married.

I love to listen to Christian worship music, which is a huge part of my day. My favorite bands are Hillsong United, Planetshakers and Tenth Avenue North. I also like to sing, though not in public.

I have to include "Facebooking" in my list of hobbies because I do spend a lot of my spare time on that site. I enjoy working out and hula-hooping, though I don't hula-hoop as a workout. And though it doesn't help my desire to be fit, I consider myself a cheesecake connoisseur and make it a point to order it at as many places as possible.