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Hi my name is David most of my friends call me Nice or D-nice. I was born on September 19, 1986, in Corona Queens, New York City. Even though I was born in the city I was not born a privileged child, in fact I was born and raised in a rough part of town with a low socioeconomic status. A part of the city where a majority of the people depended on welfare programs just to survive. Most people would consider where I grew up a ghetto or project because of the high crime rate and immense poverty. I see it as a place with little hope for those seeking a better life and that is why my parents moved to Florida. The experience of growing up in New York made me tough, wise, and street savvy. Yet living in Florida showed me that I wanted more out of life both for me and future children. I don't want my kids to grow up like I did, although, I learned a lot about life and in a way it made me who I am today. Even though I'm proud of my past I feel that there are better ways to raise children. I don't regret my past because it fuels my future and every time I get down I think about where I came from and how I never want to go back to that lifestyle.

Growing Up

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