Things I like to do:

Ever since I was little I've played and loved soccer. My parents had season tickets to Tampa Bay Rowdies games until I was about four, when the league went under. In high school I played for St. Pete High, and I play here at the university on an intramural team.

This is my bird

I got my cockatiel, Rembrandt, for my tenth birthday.

I have always loved birds. I got my bird, a cockatiel, for my tenth birthday. We named him Rembrandt, after the famous painter, because my mother thought he was so colorful he looked like a painting. I still have him here in Gainesville for now, though I assume he'll have to go back to my parents' house when I move to France.

Another one of my greatest loves is music. When I was little, I took piano lessons. I don't play piano anymore, but in middle school I picked up the baritone saxophone. In college, I started learning how to play the guitar. One day I would like to pick the saxophone back up if I can get my hands on one.

Me playing guitar

It's always fun to get the guitar out by the camp fire.

My love for music shows up in my writing as well. I worked for a time as the entertainment editor at a campus magazine called the Student Beat, and concerts are my favorite events to cover.