About me:

As you probably have already guessed, my name is Alec Turnage. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. My father is an engineer from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and my mother is an accounting clerk from Racine, Wisconsin.

This is my family

From left to right: my mother (Vicky), my father (Richard), my older sister (Rachael), and my younger sister (Emily).

I have two sisters (Rachael and Emily), two cats (Sammy and Leo), and a cockatiel (Rembrandt). You can learn more about my bird on my Hobbies and Interests page.

I graduated from St. Petersburg High School in 2005 with an IB diploma. I am currently attending the University of Florida as a Journalism major and French minor. I love Gainesville and I love UF. When I graduate this year, I'm sure I'll be as sad as I am excited.

My plans for the future:

After I graduate in May of 2009, I plan to move to France for a year to teach English. Once I get back from that, I would like to write for a magazine, eventually becoming a freelance writer.