Gator Football

Almost every Saturday of my fall semester is dedicated to Gator football. The atmosphere of the Swamp is mind blowing. The stadium becomes a sea of 90,000 plus people dressed in orange and blue cheering on the team. It's the school spirit that I love the most about the games. Tailgating all day with friends and family, walking to the stadium and chanting alongside other fans. Singing the fight song and seeing the team run onto the field is so exhilarating.


I am really obsessed with puzzles. I've always really enjoyed doing puzzles. I think it's the logical side of me, trying to fit all of the pieces together. I very rarely look at the box. I try to complete the puzzle by looking at the shapes and trying to make them fit. I think puzzles are a good use of my time because they keep my brain working. It kind of clears my mind and helps me relax while doing something educational.


I was always really into reading, but after so many years of being forced to read for school, I really lost interest in it. This past summer, I read about seven books, which is a feat for me! I finally got to read something that was just for me and I was interested in. It's a shame that I lost that for so long!


My mom passed on the baking gene, although she is still better at it than me! I use it to relieve my stress and take my mind off things, which my mom does too! I enjoy baking for people and take pride in the things I create. I'd love to open a bakery some day and experiment with different recipes all day long!


I have always enjoyed taking pictures, and a really great way to organize them is into scrapbooks. It allows you to put not only pictures but little souvenirs into the pages. I don't really like to make the pages right away because I use scrapbooking as a way to re-live the moments in the pictures.