My Writing Experience

I have a passion for writing. That is why I am a part of the College of Journalism and Communications. Here I have been able to gain skills in editing, reporting, design, photography and online media. I have minimal html and CSS skills and am always willing to learn and take on new things.

I have been an intern at the Gainesville Sun and its Campus edition. At the Sun I reported on the Student Senate which is the main focus of UF's political scene. Being able to string for the Sun I have been able to get a variety of stories published inlcuding those that pertain to the environment and about local events in the Gainesville community as well as the campus community.

I am currently a blogger for the Independent Florida Alligator. I blog about issues pertinent to the Multi-cultural community at UF.

Sex Etc.I have also been an writer and editor for Sex Etc., a national publication and online medium about a comprehensive sex education for young people. My work with Sex Etc. was very meaningful.

I truly believe that educating youth about important issues that will effect their futures are important. I strongly believe that too many people underestimate today's youth and imagine they cannot handle "adult" topics. But as a culture it is our job to inform younger generations of the reality of society.

I hope you enjoy my resume. And please feel free to e-mail me any questions you may have.