Some Pointers to Keep in Mind When Traveling

When you travel there are many things that can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time on an airplane or other form of mass transportaion.

The most important thing to remember when traveling out of your state or country is to be aware of your surroundings.

When arriving for any departures whether it be by land, air or sea make sure you arrive early. This will give you enough time to find your gate ( if you are at an airport) or port ( if at a seaport) or terminal (if at a bus or train station). You should also remember to be mindful of all the luggage you are not checking with transportation personel.

After you arrive at you destination make sure you take in not only the area where you are staying but its surrounding areas as well. Often the best way to induldge in different cultures is to interact with the natives. Now, you must be careful because some places tourists can be prey and it can be dangerous. So don't just trust anyone.

It is important to know who you are interacting with and in what capacity. But exploring outside of your hotel or resort area is important in order to get a true experience of the the place (whether is be a different state or a different country) you need to explore what it has to offer.

This can include going to local restaurants, shopping at local markets and engaging in some of the local activities, may be even taking part in a religious ceremony./