My Family's Trip to West Palm Beach

I love to Travel and I have been lucky that my parents have exposed me to so many different countries and cultures. We have traveled to:

Travis and Junior I went on a trip to West Palm Beach with my family last year. Usually we go out of the country but in 2007 my dad decided that he would like to go to Florida. My Dad loves to play golf. So wherever there is a good gold course he is there.

My mom doesn't really care where we go as long as it has a nice beach and pool. This is because she loves to tan. My brother and I have a lot of fun together when we go on family vacations becuase we get to really bond. We go off on our own little adventures. Family vacations are the best.

Man on the Beach

My cousin Stafford came to West Palm Beach also. He and my brother are closer in age and they get along great. It is a relief to have my cousin go on these different trips with us becuase he and my brother can have things to do together. When my cousing and brother get together they are true comedians. They always have everyone laughing. Like the photo my brother wanted me to take of an old man in a speedo.