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Proven wisdom: Benefit from London experience

Valuable tips for capturing London's true essence

London bus tour


Once you're in this great city, you may want some less formal guidance in terms of navigation secrets (bus tour picture to the left found externally at, how to not look so 'touristy,' and perhaps leads on some more casual hangouts and attractions less known to visitors. I recommend aligning your activities as close as possible with your moods and true interests -- after doing the least amount of diligence necessary to simply know some of the seemingly endless options. (Know that definite minimal diligence on your part -- with thorough, personalized results -- can be arranged.) Now, I won't just release you into the jungle just yet; this is where I'm especially effective in serving my clients. Here's some sample advice and 'insider-type' resources that I found particularly useful during my numerous visits to The Old Smoke:

General advice for blending in:

-London's pubs are common places to catch up with friends or just meet associates; perhaps make this a custom while here instead of scavenging for the nearest Starbucks.

-Learn to appreciate mayonnaise. A lot of the food there comes with mayonnaise caked on it. If you try to avoid this fate or scrape it off of your sandwiches, you likely won't appear to be from London. Embrace the mayo.

-Mind your business on 'The Tube.' When on the railway system, (always call it 'The Tube' if you want to blend in) it's common to take a nap -- but not to talk to others. Minimize your conversation on 'The Tube' and catch up on your z's.

External links to some less 'touristy' attractions I enjoyed. London locals eat well and let loose at these venues:

Pickwick's Wine Bar

Kenwood Concerts

The Gate

The Magpies Nest

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