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What to do: Hearing London's music, tasting its food, learning its common allures


Whether you're interested in the arts, political history, fine food, architecture, sports, or another scene, London likely has intriguing options for you. Capture more inclusive and personalized suggestions on how to engage in your hobbies in London (or elsewhere) by contacting me.

The citizens of this historical city engage in a wide variety of hobbies; since they're residents, many don't frequent the historical sights (having likely seen a lot of them numerous times). However, it's good to see a few of these, as they are such an integral part of the culture and history of the city. For starters (and for a great view), see St. Paul's Cathedral, the beautiful building dating back to the 17th century and the Bishop of London's seat on Ludgate Hill. If you're up for a 530-step climb, you can catch enticing views of the city from the top of this cathedral -- including the one pictured below (from an external Vequias gallery of London attractions). If you're into music, there's a vast array of options. My favorite thus far (aligned with my fairly casual, "dive-like" preference for concert venues) has been Halfmoon Putney (external link), a fun and informal pop music pub. As for food, London's cultural diversity means many different kinds of restaurants to choose from. The best that I've attended is Zilli Fish (external link), which offers seafood that still has me craving seconds (months after my last visit). Indeed, eating fine seafood is one of my favorite hobbies. Are you a sports fan? Maybe you can catch a London Nationals (external link) hockey game during your visit. London almost surely has attractive options geared toward whatever craving or interest that you may have. I'd love to assist you in discovering them further.

View from the top of St. Paul's Cathedral

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