Tosha Sketo

Things I Like to Do

I love to rest. I try to nap for at least half an hour when I get home from work. Some might call this laziness, but I feel that resting after a long day is necessary to process your day, ensure a relaxing evening, and make sure that you are fully rejuvenated for the next day. I also love to write and read. Currently, I'm reading a fantasy series by Robert Jordan. I'm completely immersed in the story, and I read a few chapters every chance I get. When I get a few days to go home, I like to spend time with Macy, my miniature Schnauzer. She is rather old and lazy, so she doesn't do much. We usually just sit in the sun at the lake near my house. On the weekends, my roommate and I often go to Disneyworld. I also spend a significant amount of time surfing the internet. I have a desk job. What else am I going to do? I've included links to a few of my favorite sites.

Most Visited Web-sites