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I'm a senior majoring in psychology, a field I have no interest in. I transferred to UF from a community college and chose psychology because I've always been interested in people. A week into my psychology courses, I knew that I had chosen the wrong major. Right away, I decided to pursue journalism. I've always liked to read and write, and I've always been interested in news and passionate about politics. Journalism is the perfect field for me to continue doing everything I enjoy. For the last 14 months, I have been working toward my journalism degree. With only seven classes left to complete the degree, I was told by the head of the journalism department that I could not transfer. The completely arbitrary reason I was given was that I have too many credit hours to transfer. That doesn't make much since considering the vast majority of those hours were earned from journalism courses. I'm actually closer to a journalism degree than a psychology degree. Yet, the unreasonable decision stands.

While I was shocked and devastated at first, I have gradually begun to move on. It was hard because I am of the view that I should be able to take whatever classes I want since I'm paying my tuition. However, UF and the head of the journalism department obviously have a different view. Despite my current situation, I still plan to pursue journalism. After graduating from UF and doing some traveling, I will apply to other schools to finish my journalism degree. There seems to be a trend in my life of taking the most round about path to any destination. While that can be hard, it's also good. I've had more life experiences than most my age because of the mistakes I've made and the dissapointments I've had. I've been through enough to know that there is always another way to do things. One way or another, I will figure it out.

After taking MMC 3260, I find myself getting interested in online journalism. This is a shocking development considering I started this class completely computer illiterate. While my first Web-site is likely a mess, I am amazed at how much I have learned so far. For me, producing this site was an achievement. I hope to learn much more before completing the course.

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