In My Free Time...
me and my guitar

Me cheesing it while playing guitar.

When it comes to hobbies, I have an obsessive personality. I'll stumble across something, spend several hours a day on it for a couple weeks and then move on to something else. Usually my hobbies for the week fits into some of my broad interests; music, geography, history, anthropology, "lifehacks",video games and movies.

Often my projects are ongoing, and a week's obsession will focus on fleshing out a particular area. So, for instance, I strive to have as complete of a music collection as time and money allow. Some weeks I'll choose a particular genre, say Southern Rock or Illbient, and try to figure out what the best, most important and most influential records are.

I'm also interested in the stories behind the music. Who was this music important to? What kind of culture did it engender? Great examples of this are the Electronic and Rock music scenes of Detroit, the East Coast/West Coast rap battles of the 90s and the post-war Japanese jazz scene featuring adult film star vocalists.


photo by rogiro

In addition to my music collection, I also collect books and maps. The walls of my room are covered in National Geographic maps which I laminate so I can write on them with Expo markers. Sometimes I map out current, international events or diagram historical movements.

I am not a collector in the sense that I want ancient maps or dusty tomes worth hundreds of dollars. The information is all I care about. Plus, I'm a college student on a budget, so what do you expect?