All About Me

Me on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Iím a 21-year-old journalism and German student at the University of Florida. I was born in Santa Clara, California in 1987 and grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley. Up until college, Iíd even lived in the same house since I was born!

All of my family is in California. Even though I go to school so far away, I've tried to maintain pretty close ties to my family. If anything, I'd say that being an out-of-state student has made me appreciate my family even more, and I've grown closer to them since I left for college. My mom is a dental hygienist and semi-professional chauffeur for my brother Brandon, who is now a sophomore at my former high school. He is only 15, but tries to act like he is older.

My dad is a retired police officer but has recently started working for the Sheriff's Department part-time. My step-mom works as the records manager for a local police department. Sara, my 6-year-old half-sister, is a bundle of energy and in the first grade at a local elementary school.

I graduated from Westmont High School in May 2005. While I was there, I played field hockey for four years and soccer for two years, and I was the editor of my schoolís yearbook during my senior year. I was also a participant in the YMCA program Youth & Government.

I came to the University of Florida in the fall of 2005 knowing no one, with no idea of what I wanted to do in the future. Moving to Gainesville was a little bit of an adjustment from California. People often ask what brought me to Florida since I donít have any family here. I usually tell people it was the weather that convinced me, but I also think the independence of going to an out-of-state school was appealing.

It took me a while to figure out that I wanted to major in journalism - I spent my first three semesters at UF with an undecided major, but finally chose journalism the spring of my sophomore year. I've always loved reading and the prospect of being an editor. So far, I have found my classes challenging (especially reporting!) but at the same time have enjoyed them.

Iíve loved my time here at UF, and couldn't have been happier with my college choice.