What Interests Me

Well, I used to have hobbies before I started doctoral work. I guess I still do; I just don't get to spend much time doing them.

I have two main hobbies: Music and Computers.Talent Show 1992This is a picture of me from many years ago.

I have been around music all my life. My dad was a guitar player who played in several local bands when he was younger and often cited Chet Atkins as his main influence. His mom, my grandmother, was a singer who actually recorded a couple of singles back in the 1950's. I didn't realize the genetic influences until years later and have dabbled with the guitar and drums, but never seem to have the time to get too serious about either. I have recorded a song on my computer, entitled Depending On You.

I've been involved with computers since about 1993. I used to run a single-node BBS on my home computer using Renegade software, but it was mostly for gaming (such as it was back then). I started with the idea out of high school to go into computer programming and renewed that interest in 1994, but decided that it just wasn't for me and became interested in HTML. I created a website many years ago that combined my love for music and computing using a program called Dreamweaver 4. At the risk of ending up on some professor's list of bad websites, it can be found at http://www.tidewaterrocks.com. It's loaded with tables and depricated tags, but it was originally built over 10 years ago, so one day I may be able to update the code to reflect today's design criteria.

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