This is where you'll find a little about the man behind the voice. (Just a little)

Ed in 2006 I am currently a doctoral student in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. I received my undergraduate degree in Mass Communications at Virginia Wesleyan College majoring in Journalism in 1997, where I served as Station Manager for WVAW, hosting a popular radio show and training other students in broadcasting. This was a carrier-current station, meaning that we had a little 100W transmitter that only transmitted to campus buildings and actually used the building's electrical wiring as kind of an antenna. The key for the students was not to put their radio next to a lamp or they would just get static. Since the college didn't have a broadcasting track, I became the engineer, program director, music director, and eventually a consultant. I did end up picking other students to fill the administrative roles and got the station to run like a commercial station, minus the advertising.

I earned my Master's Degree in Media and Communication in 2003 from Norfolk State University majoring in Broadcast Administration. I managed to host several radio shows during my career in the U.S. Navy. Most ships now have a closed-circuit entertainment system, which we called radio as we did transmit from a radio studio. I managed to find a job at the University of Florida in 2004 after my retirement from the U.S. Navy and am currently the Preventive Maintenance Coordinator for the Physical Plant Department.

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