To tell you about every place I've traveled would take way too long... Instead I will name my three most recent places I've been too!

The first would have to be Kruger National Park, which is located in South Africa. Its actually a Safari park where you can go by foot or with a game ranger and see wild animals in their natural habitat! They even have a lion cub park where you can play and hold baby lion cubs like the baby lion cubs my sister is playing with in the picture below.


The second place I have traveled to was to the one place that I call home, my grandmother's house in Gloucester, England. I love going home to England because I'm able to spend time with my little cousins and family.

The third place I have visited recently is New York City with my sister, Taralyn. I had never been to New York before and after visiting I realize why so many love to go there. My cousin has lived in Manhattan for almost 8 years now and she always told me that the reason she loves "the Big Apple" is because you can be whoever you want to be. New York is a huge melting pot of personalities and cultures, and everyone has a story to tell. My favorite moments spent in New York was in a bar in Soho where I spent all night talking to a group of people telling me their whole life story... it was amazing!