Hello!!! In case you didn't pick up on it already my name is Danielle-Ashleigh Rushton and this is my homepage! I'm a twenty-one year old journalism student at the University of Florida.

I was born September 2, 1987 in Gloucester, England where I lived until I was 5 years old! I spent my toddler years watching my mother fight a war against a devastating disease...Breast cancer. A fight that she struggled and lost on April 23rd, 1991. I was four years old when my mother passed, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss her. My mother was an everlasting inspiration. She was admired, loved and now deeply missed.

After living in England my father's job required us to move around a lot. I lived in Fairfield, Connecticut for 4 years, and after that my father, older brother and I moved back to my father's hometown in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Everyone seems to be the most curious about what it was like living in Africa. First of all, NO i did not live in a hut, nor did I ride elephants to school. I was blessed with the opportunity to experience living in such a beautiful country. While in South Africa I attended an International school and became friends with people from multiple places such as Singapore, Portugal, Turkey, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and so many more. Being submerged in a variety of cultures and nationalities has made me a more open minded person, and for that I am forever grateful.


When I was 13 years old I moved back to the United States and have lived in Tennessee, Georgia and for the past 6 years in south Florida. I just moved here to Gainesville and I am finding the move a little bit more difficult than I had imagined, but I have decided to take one day at a time. With the help, love and support of my family I know I will be successful! In the picture above from left to right is my father, myself, my uncle, my older brother (Mark 22) and my older sister (Taralyn 33). My family is so important to me, because I know that my home is the only place where I will always be accepted and welcomed. My father and sister are my biggest supporters, and without them I wouldn't be where I am today! I tend to be my own worst critic and have a tendency of putting myself down, but my family is constantly there picking me back up. My dad has supported me in my transition to Gainesville, even though I know it was so hard for him to see me go.

So here I am... traveling down this path of life...and I never really know where it will take me next!