Me and Jackie With the Hula Dancer

Nestled in the cool Pacific waters is the euphoric paradise of Maui, Hawaii. Maui is home to Pina Coladas in pineapples, luaus, roasted pigs, great seafood and exotic rainforests. Forget what you’ve experienced as a “great” day on the beach in Miami, FL or Newport Beach, California. Maui truly is the perfect beach, with its pristine waters and sunny weather year-round, there’s no place like Maui to get that sun-kissed tanned you spend hours on a tanning bed for. All you really need is sunscreen or tanning lotion, a bathing suit,-if you deem such necessary, and a camera to capture this heaven on earth.

I first fell in love with Maui, not on a marital honeymoon as most visitors do, but on my high school graduation family trip in 2006. Maui is my mother’s favorite place in the world, as well, so of course she was reluctant to take her children there. We set of to the island in May with my parents, sister and grandparents. After an 11 hr flight we had arrived. Our 10-day stay had begun!

 Molaki Island

While in Maui we attended a luau at the Sheraton Hotel, where we sipped on Pina Coladas, ate roasted pork, watched the fire dancers and the sunset, and participated in the limbo-not exactly my best abilities put to the test. We took a trip to the rainforest- which coming from the mainland, especially Miami, isn’t something that I see much off. Perhaps, the worst part about the rainforest was the rest room- a bucket with a hole in the ground that was held in a little wooden shack, talk about “comfort”. We drove through the island, where my grandmother commented on just about every tree that reminded her of Cuba, and my grandmother complained that all she ever talked about were trees. But the best part of the trip had to be the helicopter ride over the island of Molokai. I don’t believe in love at first sight really, but the afternoon flying over the waters and fields and through the rainforest of Hawaii I fell in love.