Good day everyone.I'm Kathleen and I'm a third year journalism major at the University of Florida. I am orginally from Miami, but my family was born in Cuba, so I tend to have that sassy Cuban attitude and can speak Spanish, however, I lack the cruves= butt, that most Cubans have. Let me set the record straight just because I'm Hispanic doesn't mean that I love Cuabn food and can dance salsa and meringue. I really don't have much rythm to be quite sincere. I am also not in love with Spanish music, yet I will admit that its vocal quality is sexier than that of Englsh music. I love going out with freinds either dancing, shopping and or laying out by the pool. I am in love with the beach.

I am the oldest of two. I have a younger sister, Jackie, who also goes to UF. She is a second year Finance major. What is cuban of me is that I come from a large family of aunts, uncles and cousins. My grandfather actually had 22 brothers and sisters. Our Thanksgivings are loud and full of many people. My family is very important to me, even if at times I am the black sheep in the flock

As a person you will either love me or hate me. I thrive on creativity and passion. I am a very opened minded person.I am quite easy to get along with and very social. I and etermined and enthusiastic as well. Every week I love something new. I also bore very easily and at times need to beentertained. I barely sleep. I'm usually that girl that you can call up at 3 am and will be up to go out, watch a movie, or go on some random adventure. I love change. I live for friends, family and those night that change usor make life that much sweeter. My motto is "Try everything once, as long as it doesn't kill you.

But, enough with the personal ad...Hope you enjoy my site.