Kasey's Travel Tips

Travel Tips

I would suggest that tourists in Belize City, Belize first drive around and take in the culture and landscape. It is like nothing I had ever seen. When driving down the streets, which rarely have road signs, you will be able to see beaten down housing that is somehow quite intriguing and unique. If you travel out of the town, you will see rainforests that look as if they are straight from the movies. Plus, this is a cheap form of entertainment.

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For the more adventure-driven tourists, cave tubing is an exciting option. I went with the Masters of the Caves when I was there. As you sit in inner tubes linked in line to a group, a tour guide leads the chain of tubes through the water, floating in and out of the caves. If you are afraid of bats or dark spaces, this probably isn't the excursion for you. If you don't mind flirting with nature, though, you will get to see waterfalls and other natural elements that cannot be replicated by anything manmade. Accompanied with a hike through the rainforest before the cave tour, this experience shows you the natural beauty that Belize has to offer.