There is a part of me that will never return.

Every day I woke up as the sun rose. I stared out at the beautiful architecture of the Empire State, just peeking through the unkempt standing glass of the ninth floor. The hospital reminded me daily that the hour on the clock would continue to glide across time. Every day was exciting. Every day was something new. I walked to work always grabbing a coffee or hot unsweetened tea (where it's normal to never have heard of sweetened tea) only to see the park I knew I would later use to reflect on the works of great writers.

The end of my day left me hungry for more. I knew that I could do something different every day and still not have covered half the city. After enduring two months of the city life, I found that I had gone to six concerts, all of which had names I had never even heard of. I had eaten that huge slice of New York Pizza and I fell in love with Brooklyn. I stood outside the Today Show and Regis and Kelly live, I went to the MET and MOMA. I even sat in Central Park only to read one of the Advanced Review Copies of an upcoming novel my company was publishing.

In New York, you will find yourself. Because of it, I am finally independent. I am finally free. I walk these streets not afraid of being over-dressed. I walk, taking steps of pride and confidence. I loved that I was able run across traffic in 3-inch heels, only to sit down in the middle of one of the many parks New York City has to offer. Every day, I met someone new outside of work and home.

There's a reason they call it "the city that never sleeps," because even the natives have no time to explore the entire city and discover its many unique characteristics. Allow yourself to fall in love with the greatest city in the world.

Times Square The Flat Iron Building