I am generally a very relaxed person. My favorite thing to do is take my dog, Brody, for walks, runs, bike rides and when he's in the mood, I like to play Frisbee. I am currently training for a half marathon and he, of course, enjoys pushing me to the max. Brody is about a year and a half old and is livin' the life!

At the end of every day, or when the mood strikes, I sit down and write. It is my stress reliever and practice for the day I write my first novel. I am a journalism major and wish to use my degree in book publishing. Reading and writing has become my passion. Enjoying the works of Roth, Austen and Dan Brown is what I do day-to-day. My current obsession is the Stephenie Meyer series 'Twilight,' in which I cannot get enough of.

I am very musically inclined, especially growing up. I play the violin, percussion (including the drums, in fact throughout high school I played snare for the marching band) and am learning the acoustic guitar. No matter how hard I try to leave music in my past, it always finds a way back into my life. If I am not playing, I am listening and analyzing music from many different genres. I learn about new artists through friends, word-of-mouth or often use the Web site Pandora Internet Radio for new artists.

To learn more about me, I can be contacted through email. You can also visit some of the Web sites that I go to every day whether it be Galley Cat, a book publishing blog or Bluefly, a place I can go to enjoy high-end fashion for a much lower price. Did I mention the fact that I love fashion, especially shoes! The picture below is of a Manolo Blahnik shoe, the first and only pair I have ever bought and a token of my summer spent in New York City.

Manolo Blahnik shoe