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I like my hobbies to soothe my mind and help me unwind at the end of the week. Some of my favorite things to do are yoga, biking, traveling, journaling, scrapbooking, painting and reading novels.

me in a headstand

Yoga has been a passion of mine since I was eight years old, mimicking my father's daily practice. Since then I've grown to love the time I spend on my sticky mat. The practice and philosphy of yoga became such a strong influence on my life that I started to teach yoga in high school. After entering college I recieved my yoga teacher's certification after an intense training at a Sivananda Yoga Center. Last summer I tied together my two greatest interests at Yoga + Joyful Living magazine. Now I practice yoga every day and teach a free class once a week.

,my bike

Ever since I switched from my unwieldy mountain bike to my Versato Motiv road bike, I've been enamored with biking. Gainesville has lovely trails that take you to the town of Hawthorne through Paynes Prairie. You can even see wild horses! I try to use my bike instead of my car for closer destinations.