doing what you do

Wade Powell playing guitar on New Year's Eve 2007

I've had many hobbies -- 20 years worth of them -- and in my 21st year, my favorite hobby is playing music. It isn't a new hobby. I've played music for about 14 years. I started with piano. I knew I understood it soon after I started. I prefer to play guitar now, but I like to take on any instrument. Especially the drums.

Iíve finished two complete albums since I was junior in high school. The first was an untitled CD by my band in then. We were called Moby Dick or the Whale. The CD was about 12 tracks. We played mostly instrumental rock music, but we made it sound epic and theatrical. We were well liked in my home town, Lakeland, Fla. The second album, which I wrote and recorded by myself, is called Look What You Did You Little Jerk, under the alias/artist name You and the Boom (which is also something I have been working on since high school). I started recording these tracks during my freshman year at the University of Florida.

Other hobbies I enjoy are photography and movies, which are very related to each other. Iíve been learning manual photography on my own since I was 15 or 16 years old when my mom gave me Canon SLR camera that she had used in college (UF) as an advertising student in the 70's. I used that camera for years before it gradually stopped working. Movies have always been around in my life. I think my interest began to peak in high school but my love persists. My favorite movies include: The Graduate, The Big Lebowski, Good Will Hunting, Boogie Nights, The Godfather, Jacob's Ladder, and Mystic River.