New York City has a little something for everyone. There are thousands of restaurants, shops and clubs to go to and enjoy, especially if you are in your twenties like me. During my visit, we went shopping primarily in the Soho area of Manhattan. Here, there are thousands of designer boutiques, as well as more reasonably-priced stores. Sprinkled throughout the stores are many restaurants with every type of food you can imagine. However, I ate at a few of these restaurants, and none of them were very easy on my budget. I would recommend sticking to the New York City staple - pizza! - if you get hungry while shopping. There are countless pizza places, some are sit-down, and some are walk-up. But they will definitely be less expensive than most of the cuisine in Soho! Bleecker Street, in particular, has a lot of inexpensive but delicious pizza places.

As far as going out, we went to bars and pubs in the Village. This is where most of the young, "hip" crowds hang out. There are expensive, exclusive clubs to go to, but we stuck with more of the college-aged bars. We went to several, one of which was called Off the Wagon.