me and Wally the Green Monster

What I do for fun

"But it's like we're our own brat pack. We're always kicking back."

- The Rocket Summer

My friends have always joked that I don't have time for hobbies. Most often, I spend my time juggling multiple jobs and school work. However, I try to have a social life whenever possible, and I've picked up a few hobbies along the way.

Reading, writing and absolutely no arithmetic

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I have an extensive book collection that I refuse to sell, and I find reading to be the most relaxing thing I do each day. Currently I've been on an existentialism kick, and Camus is keeping me entertained. Writing is another big part of my life, which is the best thing a journalism major can say, I suppose.

And the beat goes on

Music is one of the biggest parts of my life. While I've still managed to avoid the digital age, I have CD collections all over my house and I revolve my schedule around concerts. I also work for a music magazine in Orlando, and I help put on the Florida Music Festival each year as a result. I hope to pursue a career in music journalism after graduation.

The Florida Music Festival Web site

I also dabble in...

When I have free time at all, I also enjoy spending time with friends and my boyfriend, sewing and watching The Boston Red Sox defeat all other baseball teams. Oh, and go Gators.