View From Across the Pond

I traveled to London in the Summer of 2005, before my senior year of high school, as part of an FSU study abroad program. While I was there, the Tubes were bombed by terrorists, London won its bid for the 2012 Olympic Games and the Live 8 concerts for Africa happened.

When I wasn't fighting crowds, watching disaster unfold, watching Shakespeare or studying the contents of the city's many museums, there was time for sightseeing in the surrounding countryside.

I visited Stonehenge, one of the wonders of the ancient world, on a cloudy, blustery British morning (not that there's any other kind of British morning).


I also went to the Tower of London (below), which over time has housed everything from collections of royal treasure to an exotic beastiary to torture chambers, all of which are memorialized somewhere within its bowels.


On any trip to London, visiting these two places is pretty much mandatory.