How I spend My Free Time

Who has time for hobbies anymore? I sure don't.

But I can pretend.

I like to think of myself as a 21st-century rennaisance man, with a well-rounded set of interests.

I spend nearly every free moment reading. Nobody can ever read enough. I espcially enjoy reading about popular struggles agianst corruption and exploitation. My favorite book at the moment in Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine, and I consider her my main role model. I enjoy literature and poetry, and I'm a modernist to the core.

I'm also something of a nature boy. I love wilderness and enjoy backpacking, with friends or alone. I hate mountain biking, rock climbing and other high-impact forms of outdoor recreation, which destroy the mountains I love so much. I consider skiing a cardinal sin. No sport has been more destructive to nature. The beautiful scenery is thrilling enough, and seeking cheap adrenaline rushes in such holy places is blasphemy.

When I come back indoors, I brew my own beer. American Amber Ale and a signature Pillow's Pale Ale are my favorite varieties to make. I'm a lager man at heart, which I owe to my German heritage, but ales take roughly half the time to make and are more forgiving of off-flavors and other sloppiness.