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Safe Travels

Going to New York is definitely a worthwhile experience but there are a few things that need to be known before booking that flight. Aside from the safety concerns, there are certain things that I've learned from my traveling experience, along with that of my friends, that I want to share with you. You'll thank me later.

Bon Voyage!

Planning the Trip

When planning a trip bargains are always out there to be found but you have to hunt for it. It's always good to use different Web sites for bargain hunting because one may offer better qualities before another. Most importantly its best to start early and be flexible with travel dates. And when traveling it's better to leave from either Jacksonville or Orlando because the flight costs out of Gainesville are more costly

Places to Visit

New York is full of places to vist, to eat and things to do. In order to make sure that you get to do what you want to do. Some places that everyone should visit is the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Soho for great shopping, Times Square for celebrity sightings and dining.