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New York

This is actually the only place I've visited, so by default its my favorite. Fortunately, I've loved both of my visiting experiences.

Why I've Visited

My trips to New York we're all through UF experiences. I first traveled there during my freshman spring break in March of 2006. A good friend of mine and I traveled to Ninth Annual National Haitian Student Conference. The following year I traveled again during my spring break in my sophomore year. That experience was for a retail tour with business school. At the time I was considering the idea of retail as a career. That particular dream didn't last too long.

My Best Experience

Simply said, Soho is gorgeous1 Aesthetically it looks so unique and offers so much. THe shopping that's offered there is so diverse but include some of everyone's favorite. I had the opportunity at eating at a quaint Italian restaurant and watch some of the filming of "Sopranos" and even better Canal Street isn't too far. And we all know what is on that famous street!