My Brown Eyes

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There are certain things we love to do during our personal time, outside of school. Even though I'm constantly bombarded by constant school and everyday life, I always find time to do the things I love and here are just a couple of them.


I never thought that I would have such an interest in make-up but over the past few months through friends, YouTube and blog Web sites that I've visited that mentality soon changed. I can't walk into Wal-mart or any drug store or go on-line without having the urge to purchase make-up to add to my make-up collection. My skills aren't exactly at the level that I want to be but I'm learning more and more every day. My favorites range from NYX Cosmetics, a very reasonable brand, to M.A.C. Cosmetics, which I have yet to even purchase because of how pricey it is. Some of the sites that I like to visit for my general make-up shopping are Cherry Culture and Ulta . I just love learning about it, trying it out on myself and friends. My interest has grown so much that I'm planning to go in to cosmetics after I obtain my degree B.S. in public relations.


Blogging may be a few years old but I've just recently gained an interest. I just love learing about what others know or are going through and how to even help myself. With blogs, the writers tend to be real with their opinions, so I always visit various favorite blogs to get reviews on make-up and hair products or to learn about new things that are going to be on the market. I also go their to be kept up-to-date on fashion or music because Gainesville lacks that social scene. I've even recently started my own hair blog within a newtork of Black women who are striving for that better hair care. The network of women continuously share details on what products they love or hate and treatments that they use to grow or maintain their hair. Below are just a hodge-podge of some of the sites that I love to visit. Enjoy!