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Things to do in "The Marvelous City"

Of course, there is the beach. I highly recommend the beach at Ipanema, though Copacabana is nice as well. You can buy pretty much anything you want from vendors on the beach, but be cautious. Don't get the shrimp on a stick or other meat products, as they are food poisoning waiting to happen.

Also, visiting Cristo Redentor and Pao de Acucar are must see sites. Other little known areas in and around Rio are Petropolis, Floresta da Barra Tijuca and the Lagoa.

For Rio night life, Lapa is the place to be. You can take one of the local buses there, but I would suggest a cab, as you will probably be going when it is dark and it is safer that way. Clubs like Asa Branca, Circa Voador and Fundacao Progresso are usually safe bets for a good time out.

Be careful of what you wear when in Rio. When out during the day or night, avoiding the following clothing items can help you to blend in with the locals and avoid getting mugged:

  1. Do not wear shirts with writing in English on it
  2. Do not wear flashy jewelry (i.e. gold chains, wedding rings with diamonds)
  3. Get haviana sandals. Not only will they help you to blend in, but they are very comfortable

Also, the night clubs in Rio often have a dress code as well:

  1. Ladies, wear high heels
  2. More importantly ladies, wear comfortable heels. In Rio, it is always a long night when out on the town
  3. Gentlemen, you need to dress your part as well. Avoid plaid, do not wear sandals

Here are some links that I think might help you if you are going to Rio

This Web site called Word Press isn't as fancy as some of the other Portuguese phrases sites, but it has better Brazilian Portuguese, so I think it would be more helpful.

I checked this Web site from Ipacom Travel before I went to Rio and I found it to be really great for getting a feel of the city.