The Life and Times of Briana O'Sullivan

Rio de Janeiro

I studied abroad in Rio de Janeiro this summer from the end of June through the beginning of August with the University of Florida, learning Portuguese. I stayed with a host family in Leblon, an area to the south of Ipanema with its own section of beach. The program was through UF, but I met a lot of students from across the country, including Princeton, NJ, California and Illinois. There was even a girl from Oxford in England.

My Portuguese is still atrocious and the tan I had worked on has faded, but I still have the memories.

Below are some samples of the photos I took while in Rio with some information next to them. Enjoy!

To the left is a picture of the lagoa in Rio de Janeiro. I took this picture from atop Corcovado, where the statue Christ the Redeemer is located. The area (bairro in Portuguese) I lived in was right on the lagoa. The picture of me on the welcome page was actually taken by my host mother in Brazil from a park on the lagoa.

Beware this man! He sells pineapples on the beach in Ipanema, and is infamous for sneaking up on unsuspecting sunbathers and yell "Abacaixe!" at them (abacaixe is pineapple in Portuguese). He is just one of many vendors that you will encounter on the beaches of Rio.

I have hundreds more photos from my six weeks in Rio that I can't put up on this site because of size restraints. But, none of them can possibly convey the natural beauty that can be found in Rio, and I highly recommend a visit to the place people have nicknamed "the Marvelous City".