The Life and Times of Briana O'Sullivan


My name is Briana O'Sullivan, and this is the first page I have coded by hand to any real degree of success. It is very simple. I am trying to get the hang of coding, but not really succeeding. But, online journalism is super cool, so what are you going to do?

In other news, I am 20 years old, and a third year journalism student at the University of Florida. I am going for a minor in religion, which will probably be useless in my professional career, but I think will help to make me a more interesting person.

My favorite show is "Scrubs"and I also really like the British Sci-Fi show "Doctor Who." Nerdy, I know. I enjoy watching movies on television, especially those of the Lifetime variety. But, movies featuring James Stewart , musical numbers, kung fu, Samuel L. Jackson or any combination of the previously listed are good as well.

However, I am a news junkie at heart, and I love being up to date on the latest headlines and goings on in politics.

On this site, I will give you a little glimpse into my life as a student here at UF. I explain how I like to spend my time, share some photos from the places I have been and give some helpful tips for making it out of Rio de Janeiro alive. So feel free to look around, and enjoy the site I built