My European Travels

A few summers ago, my family and I took a three-week trip to Europe. I had never been, so I was ecstatic. We went to Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

In Italy, we traveled to Venice, Florence and Spoleto.Italy was definitely my favorite. I love Northern Italian food, and I loved how stylish the residents were.

In Switzerland, we went to Lucerne, Interlaken and Geneva. In my opinion, this country was the prettiest. I took SO many pictures, and the bodies of water were either emerald or saffire in color. The countryside was gorgeous.

In Germany, we went to Frankfurt and Stuttgart where we went to the Porsche and Mercedes factories. We also went to the Ferrari Museum. The portion in Stuttgart was my favorite part of the trip because I love cars so much. I watched a Porsche 911 go through the factory lines developing from a bunch of engine parts to a fully working automobile.

Venice, Italy Switzerland

The top photo is of Venice, Italy. The bottom photo was taken from a train in Switzerland. See more pics!

All photos were taken by Sydnee Newman.