Who is Sydnee Newman?

These few pages will show you who Sydnee Newman is. I am a journalist. I am a passionate person. I am empathetic and kind. You will be able to view one of my favorite trips to Europe -- Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

It all started in the '80s, as you can see from the photo! I was born March 16, 1988.

I'm a third-year journalism major at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I'm probably one of the most school-spirited students you will ever meet. GO GATORS!

This glimpse of me will show you that I enjoy doing a variety of activities in my spare time, from horseback riding to writing to doing Yoga to talking cars.

In the future, I hope to graduate with flying colors and go to work in the magazine field. I want to work my way to the top of a well-known magazine, like Cosmopolitan, feature writing and graphic designing.

If you haven't learned all you want to know about me, check out my resume.