My Experience In NYC

NYC from the Sky

In the spring of 2008, my best friend and I decided we were going to New York. While we've never really been good at committing to anything, we actually made this trip happen. We stayed with a friend if Brooklyn, and we ate, drink and made merry with locals for seven solid days.

My dad had told me horror stories prior to my departure, as he considered himself one of the "true" New Yorkers. "It's not even New York anymore," he would say. "It's no different than Disney World these days."

But as soon as we arrived in Brooklyn, I knew we weren't in Gainesville anymore. There was an energy about the place, a vibe and a movement that I had never seen in a city before. As I stood awkwardly on the sidewalk with my suitcase and oversized coat, the city rushed past me. Admittedly, it was a bit overwhelming. But the city grows on you, and by the time we left, I fancied myself a local. Well, maybe not a local. But one thing is for sure, I had undergone a transformation. No longer was a I conspicuous tourist bumping into people and staring awkwardly on the subway. I had taken the city in stride and learned a lot from it.