An Alternative Student Publication

Issue One of The Fine Print

I donít know if itís fair to call what I consider a full-time job my hobby, and Iím not sure if a hobby is supposed to take up the majority of your time. But I love it and some would consider it ďoutsideĒ work, meaning itís not what I should be dedicating my life to but rather something I do on the side.

I am an editor and founder of The Fine Print, a student publication that debuted at the University of Florida in September of 2008. We are a progressive monthly dedicated to in-depth reporting and quality political/social commentary. But mostly, weíre just a bunch of students who care. We feel it is our duty to fill a void thatís been left on campus and to also add to the array of information students are provided with while here.

It's a lot of work publishing a magazine and disseminating 7,000 copies a month. But it's certainly taught me a lot about journalism already. We assembled a motley crew to run The Fine Print, and they look to me as their leader. When they have questions, I'm supposed to have answers. So of course we've made a lot of mistakes. But we've also learned from each and every one of those mistakes, and we're getting better all the time.

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