What I'm All About

Me on top of the Empire State Building

My name is Jessica Newman, and I'm a third-year journalism student at the University of Florida. I like more peanut butter than jelly on my PB and J, and I never wear socks. I did the rock star thing in high school when I played the tambourine in a band called My Toy Heart. To my parents dismay, my plans for the future don't include a steady job or income, as I want to be a community organizer and full-time activist.

I first got involved in activism while a student at UF during an anti-war demonstration. The protest showed me that the people truly have the ability to change things in this country. But not only do we have the ability, we also have the right to change things, something many people in the world cannot say.

I am interested in alternative and independent media, and I even started my own alternative magazine on campus called The Fine Print. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, bicycling and reading. Most recently I traveled to New York City to visit a friend living in Brooklyn, and I had an incredible time. I plan to travel to South America in the summer of 2008, specifically Chile, Peru and Argentina.