One of my favorite things to do when I can break away from the hectic schedule of school is go surfing. surfingI'm no pro, but there's nothing better than dropping in and riding down the face of a wave. Living on the West coast of Florida, surfing usually means taking a drive to the other side of the state. But there are times in the winter or when a storm makes its way into the Gulf of Mexico that the waves can get really good. If you want to read more about surfing on Florida's West coast, you can read my article, "Looking West," on


I started drumming when I was 11 years old. I played in concert and marching band up through my sophomore year in high school. It was always fun, but it wasn't until I joined a rock band at 16 years old that I really fell in love with the drums. Over the years, I've played with different bands in all kinds of venues. At 19, I joined a Christian rock band and traded in the dive bars for church services. My youthful ambition was to become an international rock star, but since that didn't work out, I've chosen the next best thing - a college professor.