What do I do for fun? Here's what I do for fun...

Some lady who's husband is obviously NOT her baby's fatherWatching the Maury Povich show and laughing at poor people who have children they can't afford and give such entertaining names as "Nevaeh" and "Destinee." Names that are usually followed by "to the mainstage."

Doing my sister's homework. For money.

Writing checks to the IRS

Lying about my age

My CarAmassing parking tickets that I'll never pay

Trying to figure out which state I can register my car in so I don't have to pay my moving violations either

Facebook. Don't laugh. Remember, I can see you losers on there too.

Mastering meaningless sports trivia

Creative procrastinating

Ironman logoTraining for a half-Ironman when I should be doing schoolwork, but then realizing that there's a whole lot of people out there with advanced degrees, and a lot less who've completed that race

Telling Kool-Aid-drinking Gator fans that Tim Tebow will be a fine CFL fullback

Not drinking the Kool-Aid


Laughing at married people under 25.