You ever have one of those friends who went to UF? You know, one of those guys in his mid-to-late twenties who swore up and down that Gainesville was just one, big, sweat and beer soaked orgy? Yeah, that guy was full of shit.

Here's me with some Stroh's

That guy probably went out and got himself a job and a girlfriend and had settled into lifelong boredom by the time he was 25. So of course Gainesville looked like a geat time. But don't for one second believe anything he tells you about the great parties, the hot girls, or the swingin' lifestyle. It's more overrated than Derek Jeter.

See, while in America, youth is King, in Gainesville it is more of a benevolent dictator. If you're old enough to rent a car, you may as well be collecting social security to most of the people living here. At least the ones who have all their original teeth and don't wrestle farm animals for entertainment. Because college kids, they got no use for anyone over 22 who's not writing them a large check every month.

So all those wild, college parties your 9-to-5-ing friend told you about? Those ain't for you, Bob. Nights drinking cheap beer with a bunch of thirtysomethings talking about research and "comp exams?" (whateverthehell those are) Yeah, that's a little more like it.

So welcome to the life of a young (by anyone else's standards, anyway) man in Gainesville, folks. "Friends" it is defintely not. "Golden Girls" may be a little more accurate